This happened.

chicago 023

This past weekend, was probably the highlight of my book life, so far. If it gets any better, I’m not sure how I’ll be able to handle it.

Saturday night was a book signing for my favorite author, Colleen Hoover, and combined with a concert with Griffin Peterson. For those who don’t know Griffin wrote the music for Colleen’s recent book, Maybe Someday.

To say I was excited was the understatement of the year. I mean seriously, I was driving my family crazy with how excited I was. I was so nervous that I was going to pass out at some point. I felt bad for my poor hubby. I apologized to him, in advance. Who know what was going to happen with me.

Hubby and I arrived Friday and spent the day sightseeing. Which I’m kinda glad we did, since I met up with some friends on Saturday and never saw him til almost midnight.

So let me tell you how this crazy day started out. I must warn you, it’s not my finest moment. But at least I didn’t scream, ok?

Hubs and I went downstairs, to get directions to a store we wanted, and I happen to turn my head and I see HER!!! Now any normal person would be cool. But I, however, am not normal. So what do I do?? I hit my hubby and whisper, “Dear!! Dear, it’s her!! It’s Colleen Hoover!!” Poor guy, just rolls his eyes and is like, “Ok?? She’s a person like you and me. Go say hello.” Duh!! That makes sense!!

So I tap on her shoulder and she turns, smile and says, “Hi, Jenn!” and HUGS ME!!!! She knew who I was!!! AND I didn’t scream or faint. I think I deserve a gold star for that. I knew she was busy, so I didn’t ask for a pic or anything. I didn’t wanna be one of those kind of people. I figured I’d see her in the evening.

A few hours later, after seeing her a few more times, I was chatting with some friends that I finally got to meet, and guess who walks out of the elevator?? You guessed it. And guess who finally got up the nerve to ask for a picture??

chicago 010

So my day is complete now. I can go home a happy girl. But it doesn’t end there. Oh no. I’m a part of many book groups, secret and not so secret. So when this signing/concert was scheduled, I was thrilled to be able to meet a few, that I’ve only chatted on FB with. It felt like going home. It was wild!! Going to dinner and joking around with them, felt like I’ve know them all my life, instead of only a few months. I’m the one in the front left.

chicago 035

THEN the concert. WOW!! Griffin and his band were awesome!! We were in the front row and I couldn’t sit still. I was too excited. I mean look at this face!!

chicago 078

Griffin had his dad there also. It was so cool to see him up on stage with his dad. They did a great job. This video isn’t the best, but what do you expect from me?? 🙂

Since I already have all of her books signed, I grabbed a few for friends and a couple shirts for me. And everything is signed by Colleen and the guys in the band, including Griffin’s dad!


Here are few more of the things that happened.


Yeah, I did this too. I claim temporary insanity.



There were over 300 people there. It was wild to see so many fans of both of them. They all signed books and things and took the time to snap pictures with everyone. I was so much fun waiting in line, chatting with the other fans. What was even more amazing, was that even though we were last, and the signing lasted three hours, all of them were still smiling and very friendly. It was great to see that. We’re their fans and they wanted to make us happy. And believe me, we left very happy. 🙂


Buy the book, Maybe Someday

Buy the album, Maybe Someday


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