Review: Ivory by Tony Park

This is a crazy good pirate adventure! Alex lives on the shores of Mozambique, building a luxury hotel… with a band of friends who have their own agendas. They are a group of pirates, stealing supplies and construction materials whenever they can, until a bigwig with a secret tries HIS hand at piracy. And then the bigwig’s corporate attorney Jane gets all mixed up in the crossfire. Throw in a Chinese crime lord, some Romancing the Stone meets Oceans Eleven, and you’ve got yourself excitement on the high seas. 

I wasn’t sure I’d like this book, but I needed a departure from my usual. I ended up LOVING the characters, the twists, the old-school piracy, the modern criminal aspect, the beachy vibe, the double double cross, and the tiny bit of romance. And I learned quite a bit about the government practice of culling ivory. 

Despite the bad guys outnumbering the good guys, Alex and Jane get what they wanted in the end, and I got a happily ever after. 



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