Review: The Bride Wore Crimson by Adrianne Lee

Well now, I was expecting a girly wedding story… but this wasn’t that! Maybe it’s because I’ve read other Adrianne Lee books that were quirky chick lit. Maybe it’s because I saw the word Wedding. Maybe it’s because I love fluff! Haha. 

Whatever the reason, I was super wrong, folks. This book is a whodunit… and not for the faint of heart.

If you’re into eccentric cozy mysteries, hop on for a ride through Weddingville. You’ll meet the suspicious photographer, the new girl, the off kilter cousin, and the regulars who try to make every bride’s dream come true in their kooky nuptial-destination town. 



Review: The Ghost of Mistletoe Mary by Sue Ann Jaffarian

Jaffarian’s Ghost of Granny Apples Mystery series is ostensibly cute, but actually delves into some pretty heavy social issues. It’s always nice to have some substance, even when you’re expecting a cozy mystery. 

Jeremiah Jones is a former cop, current private investigator, who uses his extra sensory perception to communicate with spirits of dead people. One of those people is Granny Apples, who acts as a fly on the wall to help him catch bad guys. 

In this episode, Jeremiah tries to find a missing woman while helping the homeless, the down and out, and those trying to turn away from the criminal edge of society. 

You’ll read about a caring agency who helps people get back in their feet, a shootout led by drug dealers, a double-cross that almost seems legit, and the first step in healing for a few key characters. 

I enjoyed this gritty look at Southern California. I appreciate the blessings that people bestow upon those in need. Granny’s ghost provides some much needed comic relief, and lightens up an otherwise dark look at life on the streets. 



Review: Ivory by Tony Park

This is a crazy good pirate adventure! Alex lives on the shores of Mozambique, building a luxury hotel… with a band of friends who have their own agendas. They are a group of pirates, stealing supplies and construction materials whenever they can, until a bigwig with a secret tries HIS hand at piracy. And then the bigwig’s corporate attorney Jane gets all mixed up in the crossfire. Throw in a Chinese crime lord, some Romancing the Stone meets Oceans Eleven, and you’ve got yourself excitement on the high seas. 

I wasn’t sure I’d like this book, but I needed a departure from my usual. I ended up LOVING the characters, the twists, the old-school piracy, the modern criminal aspect, the beachy vibe, the double double cross, and the tiny bit of romance. And I learned quite a bit about the government practice of culling ivory. 

Despite the bad guys outnumbering the good guys, Alex and Jane get what they wanted in the end, and I got a happily ever after.