Review: Escape by Jay Crownover

We’ve been waiting patiently for Lane’s book since we first met him in Retreat. We knew him and Brynn has a history but we never knew how much that history affected their current lives until Lane leaves.

Brynn and Lane belong together but circumstances have prevented them from finally doing just that. But when Lane decides that he can’t take anymore and leaves the ranch, Brynn must pull up her big girl panties and take the step they both need her to take, and go and bring him home to her. But the journey is not without drama. They must figure out how to repair their friendship before they can move forward into something more.

I love them together. I understood why Lane was hurt by her denial, when they were younger. And I understand why she needed to hurt him. But I am glad they’re older and wiser and working together to get rid of all that.

I love seeing all the past characters throughout this story. I am glad to see them all find their happiness. This can be read as a standalone, but why would you wanna do that? You must read the first two books so you can fully experience all the emotions they bring. And I hope Jay keeps going with another book. She can’t leave us like this!!


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