Review: Healing Hearts by Sarah M. Eden

What a wild and intense story! I mean seriously. This poor girl jumps off a stagecoach and is immediately swept up and taken to her wedding, but she had no idea! She thought she was coming to Savage Wells to be a nurse, not a wife. Talk about miscommunication.

Gideon is plain tuckered out. He’s the only doctor for Savage Wells and all the towns around it. He has no one to help him so that’s why he requested a mail ordered bride, who is also a nurse. But somehow wires were crossed and only the nurse was delivered.

Miriam is hiding a secret. One that I never even thought of! But it’s not a surprise how people treated others back in those days. I loved her. She was so strong, even in the face of everything she’s had to endure. So when she’s allowed to stay on as a nurse instead of a wife, she thinks things are starting to look up. But when her secret is discovered, she must face her greatest fear head on. But luckily she’s not alone anymore.

As I’ve said numerous times before, I love these Proper Romances. They’re super sweet and innocent and they make the story the most important part, not the romance. That being said, I adored watching these two dance around each other. Shyness turned to jokes, which turned to soft touches and then BAM. A perfect sweet romance. On a side note, I am hoping for a certain US Marshal to get his own story. There just HAS to be a perfect girl for him!


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Review: Picture Perfect Cowboy by Tiffany Reisz

A sweet and sexy cowboy who likes to give a little pain with his pleasure? Yes, please!!

I love Jason. He was raised, by his super conservative family, to be a “proper gentleman”. But the downside of that is that he can’t be true to himself. And when he’s filling in for a friend, for a naked photo shoot, he meets the sexiest, and cutest pink haired girl that turns his world upside down. She shows him that what happens between two consenting adults is nothing to be ashamed about and that there is nothing wrong with him.

Simone is a pro sub who never imagined a photo would change her life. But who can deny a sexy cowboy? Definitely not her.

It was fun watching this cowboy fall over for this cute girl. It was hot as he learned how to be more physical with a girl who wants and needs it. I could watch him all day long.

“It is weak to let someone else tell you how to live your life when you know better.”

It was nice to see Søren and Nora make an appearance also. I about swooned when S called Simone “Jellybean”. I mean how sweet is that‽‽ plus we get a bonus chapter with Jason getting flogger lessons from them. They are the best after all.

I will say that I hope a certain friend gets a story soon. I feel like there’s more there and he needs to find someone also. *crossing fingers*

Tiffany Reisz is the master, or I should say mistress, of the sweet and saucy erotica. Whenever I see a new book has released I know that it will be original and keep me begging for more.


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Review: Escape by Jay Crownover

We’ve been waiting patiently for Lane’s book since we first met him in Retreat. We knew him and Brynn has a history but we never knew how much that history affected their current lives until Lane leaves.

Brynn and Lane belong together but circumstances have prevented them from finally doing just that. But when Lane decides that he can’t take anymore and leaves the ranch, Brynn must pull up her big girl panties and take the step they both need her to take, and go and bring him home to her. But the journey is not without drama. They must figure out how to repair their friendship before they can move forward into something more.

I love them together. I understood why Lane was hurt by her denial, when they were younger. And I understand why she needed to hurt him. But I am glad they’re older and wiser and working together to get rid of all that.

I love seeing all the past characters throughout this story. I am glad to see them all find their happiness. This can be read as a standalone, but why would you wanna do that? You must read the first two books so you can fully experience all the emotions they bring. And I hope Jay keeps going with another book. She can’t leave us like this!!


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Review: The Marriage Pact by Linda Lael Miller

20140518-214023-78023213.jpg Parts of this book were fun, and other parts were a little hokey, and still others were a little bit confusing. I’ll tell ya what’s what, and you can decide if it’s a book for you. (I totally believe everyone’s tastes are good for them, and some people’s mediocre is other people’s terrific. So read on.)

Hadleigh and Tripp grew up together, and despite her wedding that didn’t end in I-DO, and his wedding that ended in divorce, Hadleigh has always been a little bit in love with Tripp. Tripp’s persistence and Hadleigh’s reluctance create fun romantic tension that I loved! Tripp is a chivalrous, handsome cowboy and courts Miss Hadleigh with notions of settling down. The one little problem with the romance was that it jumped abruptly from Hadleigh not wanting to give in to her own feelings of love for Tripp, to all of a sudden being all-in, head over heels.

This book is the first in a series, each centering on one woman in a circle of three friends. They make a pact to support each other in their searches for husbands. This is the part I thought was a little hokey. Do people in their late 20s/early 30s do this? Make pacts with charm bracelets and promises? I’ve never heard of such a thing. It seemed very teenager-ish to me. And a little contrived. I think best friends would naturally be there for each other without a formal agreement!

I love Miller’s characters: well-thought-out, likable, distinct, and memorable. Tripp being a gentle, loving, caring, rich, gorgeous, perfect cowboy hero? I dig it. But I’m not a fan of the heroine changing her tune in a New York minute, nor her friends contriving a marriage pact.