Review: It Must Be Your Love by Bella Andre

I’ve never really been into rock stars, but Bella Andre made me a fan in about two chapters. Ford is the rock star of every woman’s dreams. He’s so perfect that you can only believe he’s a character in a book, but he’s written so well he seems pretty darn real.

Mia Sullivan is a successful realtor with a pretty fulfilling social life. Except that she can’t stop thinking about that time she met Ford at a concert… and fell in love.

While I think Andre wrote a fantastic alpha hero and a believable, strong yet feminine woman, I think the strength of this book goes beyond the amazing romance. As in every “Sullivans” book Andre writes, I appreciate the descriptions of family bonds, protective brothers, accepting parents, loyal cousins, and the laughter and trust that really good families foster.

It’s kind of wonderful to get lost for a few hours in hot and heavy liaisons, a wedding, a romance, and family full of love.



Review: The Way You Look Tonight by Bella Andre

3.5 stars
This well-written, fun romance delivered witty dialogue and likable characters. It also delivered spicy bedroom scenes – so many that it kind of took away from the storyline. I really enjoyed Brooke and Rafe, and Rafe’s siblings. I would have loved to read more about them. I also would have enjoyed more conversation between Brooke and Rafe, and more home-improvement scenes by Rafe and friends. Brooke and Rafe are excited to see each other at their lake houses – after 15 years apart. Rafe’s siblings come to help him move back in to the family lake house that needs more TLC than one person can give. Fun plot, right?!

The story was SO good that I’m not sure why Andre didn’t give us more of it. Though the spiciness was a fun part of the story, I would have gladly traded a few scenes for conversation and character building.

If you’re looking for a well-written, quick, hot romance, this is it. If you want something more like the Sullivans’ stories, this is in a little different vein.



Review: Always on My Mind by Bella Andre

20140424-153424.jpg Always on My Mind is such a fun read! Totally unrealistic, a bit far-fetched, and full of too-convenient resolutions… but so, so fun.

Lori is a dancer who was betrayed by her dancer boyfriend. Grayson is a widower avoiding his grief. The meet-cute is on Grayson’s farm with Lori in her sequined dance costume.

Their relationship starts off as lusty hate, moves through predictable mishaps, misunderstandings and forgiveness, and ends up a happily ever after. Reeeeealllllly straightforward, but the sparks between Lori and Grayson are so hot that you’re really not so concerned with the depth of the plot. Chemistry and sexual tension abound. Lori and Grayson love it and I did too. 😉

Although the story is devoid of subplots, Andre gives Lori’s Sullivan siblings plenty of appearance time. It’s always fun to remember which Sullivan just got married or had a baby or bought a home. Most of the story is really about Lori and Grayson, but the love of family is ever-present, and the Sullivans all come together at the end.



Review: If You Were Mine (The Sullivans #5) by Bella Andre

20140326-230926.jpg Heather and Zach pulled me right in to their anti-love story. For two people who don’t believe in love, and certainly don’t believe in forever, these two sure fall hard and fast for each other.

No amount of denial can stop the chemistry Heather and Zach have, but at every turn they try to keep things superficial. They get together because the dogs miss each other. Or they need good sex. Or they want to help a good cause. It’s never because they’re in L.O.V.E. Nooooooooo. Not the L word. Even when they meet each other’s families, Zach and Heather pretend they’re just friends.

It’s this push and pull that makes If You Were Mine so enticing. Zach and Heather have eyes for only each other, but they still try to create distance whenever they can. I loved the tension, loved the longer than usual bedroom scenes (not any more graphic than expected, but drawn out and well-written), and loved when Heather and Zach were finally honest with each other.

If You Were Mine is my flavor of the week. Try it. Taste for yourself.




Review: Kissing Under the Mistletoe by Bella Andre

20140325-221756.jpg This 10th installment of The Sullivans is a look back into the history of Mary and Jack Sullivan, the parents of the Sullivans who star in the other books in the series.

Bella Andre takes us on a charming, sweet trip down memory lane. A box of Christmas ornaments is the catalyst for Mary to recall milestones in her life. Then she gets lost in thoughts of her romance with her husband so many years ago.

I breezed through this book, enjoying Mary’s strong will and gentle spirit, and Jack’s patience and persistence. Mary and Jack’s story is original and well-thought-out. There were chaste kisses, steamy scenes, arguments, giddiness, fun dates, a proposal, and all the trimmings of a good romance.

Now that I’ve read their history, I’m totally ready for the next present-day Sullivan romances! Soon I will review If You Were Mine (book 5, Zach Sullivan), published in 2012; and Always on My Mind (book 11, Lori Sullivan), to be published this April.



Review: I Only Have Eyes For You by Bella Andre

20130914-222021.jpg 4 stars

*Dreamy sigh*

Where do I begin? Let me just say that Bella Andre created a very swoon-worthy character in Jake McCann. He’s rough and tough and domineering and crude and powerful. And he only shows his softer side to Sullivan family members, namely Sophie, with whom he’s been in love since childhood. Who doesn’t love a bad boy with a sensitive side?

Sophie is the bookish sister of six brothers and a twin. They think she’s fragile and want to protect her from struggles and hurt. They want to protect her from Jake McCann. I love that despite her siblings’ opinion of her, Sophie is a strong, brave, vocal woman who knows what she wants. Sophie is the best kind of heroine – she advocates for her own best interests, even when there’s a risk involved.

When circumstances put Jake and Sophie together for a week, sparks fly — good and bad. They find out each other’s weaknesses, faults, and truths. They decide whether being in love will lead to anything more. That’s the best part of being in love: knowing where you both stand, and then determining whether the truth will make you or break you.

Bella Andre’s characters are unique in the world of romance novels. Sophie and Jake stay true to themselves, living the lives everyone knows them to have, and being brave enough to show what’s under the surface.

I want to meet every one of the Sullivans in this series… So I will sign off here and get to the next book.


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