Review: The Breakdown by B.A. Paris

Have you ever just really, really disliked a character in a book? Admit it, even though they’re fictional, sometimes these “people” are just so very unlikable. That was the case for me with this one. I just didn’t like her. But then she redeemed herself. Not gonna tell you how because that would be too spoilerish.

When Cass makes a seemingly minor choice on her way home late one rainy night, things will never be the same. Her decision to NOT stop and help a stranded motorist begins to haunt her as soon as she finds out that the motorist, a woman traveling alone, was murdered that same night. She torments herself with thoughts of what if…

And then she begins to forget things, to misplace things, to question her sanity. It doesn’t help matters any that her mom suffered from dementia. So Cass is certain that she’s going down that same path.

This is one of those stories that’s hard to review without giving too much away. The story drags a bit in places, and as I mentioned earlier I really didn’t like Cass for much of the story. But because I’ve loved the author’s other books, I stuck with it. And I’m glad I did. You kind of see what’s coming near the end but that last twist is something else.


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Review: The Things We Keep by Sally Hepworth

25663807There surely are fewer things scarier to an aging person than the loss of themselves, the essence of who they are.  Whether that means physically or mentally, even the thought of such is devastating.  So who can imagine what it would be like to experience this scary yet fairly common milestone at an unnaturally early age?  Such is the premise of this intriguing book by Sally Hepworth.

Anna is a young 38 years old when her life as she knows it comes to an end.  Early stage Alzheimer’s has caused her world to change in ways she could never imagine.  Resigned to living out her days at an assisted living center, she retreats into a shell as she waits for the complete loss of her memory and, eventually, her life.

What she doesn’t count on, however, is falling in love.  You see, she’s not the only “youngster” at Rosalind House.  Luke’s experiences are much like Anna’s.  And fate would have it that they find each other.  But can someone fall in love without remembering it?  Is love in your mind or in your heart?

This is a beautiful, heartbreaking story.  The author does an outstanding job of taking us into Anna’s mind and allowing us to imagine what she might be thinking and feeling. And at the same time, she weaves into the story a mystery waiting to be unraveled.  I wanted to know what the secret was, what happened in Anna’s past that even she didn’t remember. Each chapter left me wanting more.An outstanding story!


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