Review: Decadent (Big Sky Pie #4) by Adrianne Lee

I so enjoy these fun, yummy romances set in a Montana pie shop. Adrianne Lee does a terrific job writing food – it’s totally natural and easily fits in with the storyline. Not to mention Lee’s sensory descriptions are top-notch and make me want pie. Lots of pie.

The romance in Decadent is a little different from books 1-3. Very lusty. More flirting. Roxy is a sensual woman who knows what she wants, so the flirting is overt and you know a physical relationship is on deck.

Wade endeared himself to me. Shy, hesitant, afraid to make a mistake, he has a hard time making his actions match his feelings. Roxy makes some moves, though, and solves that problem!

The end was a little abrupt for me. Roxy leaves and comes back just a bit too quickly and without a lot of explanation. Apart from that one bump, Decadent smoothly sailed the happily ever ship. I was glad to be aboard.

By the way, I started Decadent before bed and was enjoying it so much that I forced my eyes to stay open until I finished it. I closed the kindle waaaay past my bedtime, but I fell asleep happy… thinking about love and pies and Montana skies.


June 2014 release. Only $2.99! And fine to read as a standalone.

Review: Delightful (Big Sky Pie #3) by Adrianne Lee

20140306-223525.jpg I think this is my favorite Big Sky Pie novel in the series!

Andrea manages the office at the Big Sky Pie bakery and cafe in Montana. When owner Molly decides to have a production company film a reality show pilot at Big Sky Pie, Andrea spends a lot of time with producer Ice Erikkson. Between trying to act normal with all the cameras around, and attempting to temper her lust for Ice, Andrea doesn’t know if she’s coming or going. Ice is impressed that someone so sexy can handle daily emergencies with such grace and aplomb…. But he doesn’t feel worthy of a relationship, only a fling.

The emotions in Delightful were more realistic than in many romance novels. Andrea really did try being reasonable instead of letting her heart lead the way. Ice, too, did the grown-up thing and got his life in order before trying to share it with Andrea.

The reality show filming portions were funny but believable, the characters were developed appropriately for the size of their role in the novel, and Andrea’s children lent a lovely family vibe to the story. I enjoyed seeing all the facets of a local bakery and how the business runs.

Delightful is a light, cozy romance set in a small town. I expected to enjoy it like I do so many other romances, finish it, sigh happily, and then go to sleep. I didn’t expect to cry or get butterflies in my stomach … or get that full, tense, heart-pounding feeling in my gut that you get when you’re falling in love.

Yeah I felt that. Adrianne Lee did such a good job writing the falling-in-love part that I felt it too. And while the rest of the book is excellent, it is worth reading for the falling-in-love feeling alone.



Review: Delicious by Adrianne Lee

20131208-225450.jpg If I could live in a bakery and read books all day, I would. But since I can’t, I do enjoy reading books about food. And love. And loving food.

Delicious deserves 4 big, yummy, juicy stars for those reasons and more. Adrianne Lee gives her readers mesmerizing descriptions of baking pies, wonderful characters, and a fresh take on love.

Nick and Jane run into each other in their 30s… years after having met and hated each other as teenagers. They realize they have to work together — and help each other sort out some personal problems along the way. The details around their past (read for yourself, no spoilers here) were a first for me – and I’m a romance junkie!

The plot is fun: advertising agent falls in love with head pastry chef…. who works at the bakery he’s doing a huge campaign for. Their friends and family are positive influences, their problems are real but can be overcome, and there’s quite a bit of flirting going on. Delicious made me happy!

I loved that Delicious showed a career-oriented female protagonist and a ready-to-settle-down-but-still-macho hero. I lapped up the excellent dialogue: Nick and his friends talked just like the guys I know. I thought that every character was developed precisely. I got the right amount of backstory for the main characters and secondary characters, enough so I felt like I knew them, but without extraneous details. Most importantly, I loved that Nick and Jane’s heartbreak touched me without being angsty, and their love warmed my heart without being smarmy.

The à la mode was a happy-ever-after that was simply perfect for Nick and Jane… and for me.


Buy it now Delicious

Delicious is Book 2 in Adrianne Lee’s Big Sky Pie series, but can be read as a standalone. Book 1, Delectable, was enjoyable as well, as you can see from the review here.

Review: The Christmas Wish by Katy Regnery

20131026-223743.jpg Just Released!

In a dive-y diner in a small Montana town, Katy Regnery serves up a Christmastime romance full of hope. Tess is the townie with a bad reputation – and it’s all true. Lucas is an ex-con whose only crime was protecting the ones he loved. They work together, befriend each other, and learn to trust one another. Tess and Lucas dream bigger than their small town, and together they know they can make their Christmas wishes – and their dreams – come true.

The Christmas Wish is a clever, sadness-to-gladness romance told in about 40 pages. The brevity works because Katy Regnery keeps the focus on just the two main characters. By the end, my heart was full and my faith in humanity restored. And she’s got me thinking about what my own Christmas wish will be. 🙂


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